Hatton invests in Prime Capital

Hatton invests in Prime Capital

Jul 8, 2015

Hatton Capital Partners announced today that it has purchased a majority stake in Prime Capital Ltd, a Thai company that is an important mobile-retail applications builder in the region.

Danai Pathomvanich, Hatton’s managing partner said the Prime Capital investment allows its partners to participate in the introduction of fast-evolving digital mobile-retail platforms in the region.

Hatton Capital Partners is a financial advisory and investment company with offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Bangkok.

“Our total assets-under-management (AUM) now exceeds $US250 million,” said Danai.

Hatton Capital Partners clients are continuing to invest in Asia and especially ASEAN because they believes its future growth and dynamic human capital resources will continue delivering superior investment returns in the next several decades.

“We are currently actively evaluating investments in several infrastructure, food production and retail finance businesses in the region for our partners.”

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