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Hatton Group acquires major private label food exporter

Hatton Group has acquired a major Thai-based private label food exporter in a private transaction completed in early April 2017. Danai Pathomvanich, Hatton’s managing director said that this major acquisition reflects the group’s interest in the Asian food sector’s long term growth.. “This acquisition will help our group further penetrate overseas markets, especially the US…
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Optimizing post M&A boards

An often overlooked critical post-M&A shareholders task is determining the company’s new board of directors’ optimal composition. In Asia and particularly ASEAN, many companies that successfully attracted overseas institutional investors are now adding independent directors that can specifically address forward-looking long-term issues that are crucial to their business’s future prosperity. We began experiencing this need…
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Sustainability can be profitable

Sustainability can be profitable By K I Woo The pursuit of sustainability is a powerful path to reinvention for all businesses facing limits on their resources and their customers’ buying power.  A Harvard Business Review article, Making Sustainability Profitable said that it also means tremendous competitive advantages and larger profits. More than 1,000 global companies…
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Asia’s food industry will drive sustainable global nutrition

Asia’s food industry will drive sustainable global nutrition By Danai Pathovanich In the 21st century, Asia’s burgeoning food industry is poised to lead the world toward responsible nutrition as part of the region’s battle against obesity and related metabolic diseases. Good reasonably-priced nutritious food will help Asia mitigate its obesity rates that are now rising…
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