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Chinese low-tier city shoppers changing e-commerce

Danai Pathomvanich May 4, 2016 China, the world’s largest and fastest-growing e-commerce market is creating huge opportunities for companies that act quickly. A recent McKinsey article “How savvy social shoppers are changing China’s e-commerce” said that as e-commerce penetration rates plateau in high-tier cities, online shopping among consumers in low-tier cities is quickly rising. “Our…
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China’s Xiaomi’s innovative platform strategy

Danai Pathomvanich Apr 18, 2016 Digital disruption of business models is forcing many leaders to create new visions of change into their business strategies. A recent Wired magazines article “Xiaomi’s Internet Thinking” shows how the Chinese smartphone manufacturer has created a massive business building a customer platform of 160 million people. Xiaomi’s more than 160…
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Asian genome sequencing initiative announced

Danai Pathomvanich Apr 18, 2016 A non-profit consortium, GenomeAsia 100k recently announced plans to sequence 100,000 individuals from 12 South Asian countries and at least seven North and East Asian countries. The genome sequencing study when complete will make it possible to understand the biology of disease in the currently under-studied Asian populations that represent…
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Genome sequencing will revolutionize cancer treatments

K I Woo Feb 11, 2016 In the near future as the price of mapping human genomes continues dropping, serious diseases such as cancer will be targeted at earlier-and-earlier stages and melted away with target designer drugs. In his recent best seller, The Industries of the Future, author Alec Ross said traditional invasive cancer therapies…
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