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“Universal suffrage” – is it the answer for effective government?

K I Woo Oct 21, 2014 The current Hong Kong protests and the cries for “universal suffrage” are a dilemma facing all Asians residing in the world’s fasting growing economies.Everyone is struggling to determine how best to be governed.In their new best seller, “The Fourth Revolution, the global race to reinvent the state”, John Micklethwait…
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House rules – corporate governance is becoming crucial for Asia’s family offices

K I Woo Sep 22, 2014 Asia’s unprecedented three decades’ growth has driven the formation of many family offices. These have resulted from the need to provide for the growing number of family members financial and material needs without interfering with successful normal day-to-day family-business operations. Danai Pathomvanich, Hatton Capital Ltd’s managing director said that…
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