Hatton invests in booming franchise restaurant industry

Hatton invests in booming franchise restaurant industry

Oct 22, 2015

Hatton Capital Partners announced today that it has invested additional capital into Tasty Ventures Ltd, a Thai company that specializes in acquiring and building franchises restaurants in the Asia Pacific region.

Danai Pathomvanich, Hatton Capital Partners’s managing partner said Tasty Ventures Ltd recently acquired a significant interest in in Thailand’s largest Subway Sandwich restaurant franchisor, Nulicious Co Ltd.

Nulicious currently has 40 Subway Sandwich shops in Thailand and is currently aggressively expanding Subway’s Thai footprint and expects to double its number of stores within two years.

Paul Pathomvanich, Nulicious’s Managing Director, said the company is currently finalizing several new Subway franchise sites and will be announcing new openings shortly.

Tasty Ventures is currently evaluating several international franchise operations for acquisition.

“We expect to make several major announcements in early 2016,” Danai said.

Although Thailand’s economic growth has slowed considerably because of political uncertainty in the past several years, tourism is a major growth area, especially from China and the region.

New modern shopping centers are continuously being developed to accommodate burgeoning rising tourist and local-consumer needs for good nutritious meals and entertainment.

“Tasty Ventures expects to be a active Thai and regional participant in these growth areas,” he said.

Hatton Capital Partners is a financial advisory and investment company with offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Bangkok.

“Our total assets-under-management (AUM) now exceed $US250 million,” said Danai.

Hatton Capital Partners clients are continuing to invest in Asia and especially ASEAN because they believes its future growth and dynamic human capital resources will continue delivering superior investment returns in the next several decades.

“We are currently actively evaluating investments in several infrastructure, food production and retail finance businesses in the region for our partners.”

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