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Optimizing post M&A boards

Danai Pathomvanich Sep 22, 2014 An often overlooked critical post-M&A shareholders task is determining the company’s new board of directors’ optimal composition. In Asia and particularly ASEAN, many companies that successfully attracted overseas institutional investors are now adding independent directors that can specifically address forward-looking long-term issues that are crucial to their business’s future prosperity.…
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Overseas remittances next target for ASEAN entrepreneurs

Danai Pathomvanich Aug 26, 2014 Danai Pathomvanich looks into lucrative overseas remittance opportunities The arrival of ubiquitous internet networks and low-cost access hardware is creating tremendous overseas remittance opportunities for ASEAN entrepreneurs and investors. Throughout ASEAN, entrepreneurs and investors have suddenly realized that large financial institutions are realizing huge revenues and profits from overseas remittances…
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International institutional investors keen on capturing AEC investment opportunities

Danai Pathomvanich Jul 10, 2014 Global investors have long realized that Asia will be the world’s economic growth driver in the next several decades. Although China’s decades of double-digit growth-rates have captured most attention, the oncoming AEC 2015 (ASEAN Economic Community 2015) has created awareness of the region’s huge vibrant population and expected global-leading growth-rates…
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